UPDATES! Donations, interviews, and VEGAS

We have a lot happening here at PSS, so it’s time to blow the dust off the old blog and let you folks know what we have cooking.

First of all, we recently closed out March for Ukraine. We took proceeds off every new membership and donated to the International Medical Corps providing aid to Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion. The numbers are crunched, and we’re proud to announce we donated $1800 USD to the cause. So a big thanks to our newest members, and to everyone that has also donated money to to help out Ukraine. It may seem so small in the shadow of this crisis, but it does make a difference.

Also, check out Pascal’s interview with Whoreuro! This blogger, man she is filthy!!! — Exactly the kind of dirty mind we like to vibe with, so check out the rest of her site, she is one of us…

Pascals SubSluts Laid Bare: Exclusive Whoreuro Interview

And now for the Really BIG News… Pascal is currently in the US — actually, inside several top American pornstars, as you read this. This is P’s third trip here, and as you well know the Third Time at PSS is always a big deal. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes, with Dee Williams, just to give you a taste of how it’s going…

We Stand with the People of Ukraine!

We stand with our Ukrainian colleagues and coworkers, whose lives have been upended by the Russian invasion. We are humbled by the bravery and sacrifice of the Ukrainian people defending against this outrageous aggression. We honor their sacrifice with monetary support for their loved ones fleeing the conflict.

We are donating 20% of new sales through March 2022 to the International Medical Corps. They have been in Ukraine since 2014 providing primary care and mental health services for families displaced by the conflict.

We encourage you to join us in our efforts by donating here:

Here are some other excellent charities also on the ground providing aid in Ukraine:


Voices of Children

Doctors Without Borders

PSS Nominated for XBIZ Europa 2020

Once again, we’ve been nominated for an XBIZ Europa award. We’re on a bit of a roll with XBIZ. Last year we won the prize for Best Specialty Site 2019 and Best Fetish Site in 2018. For 2020, the category is Best Performer/Director site, and we like our chances for the win.

No matter how many of these prizes we get in the running for, Pascal still lights up with the same glimmer he gets before doing a shoot with a nice piece of ass. “I’m very grateful and honored that PSS has been nominated. Thank you for all your support over the years.”

2020 was a challenging year for porn production fo sure. Luckily we were able to keep it fresh by introducing our members to Pascal’s wider body of work – stuff he’s done outside of PSS, which there’s loads of. If you’re new to PSS or you’ve been out of the loop, check out what we’ve been up to lately.

The 2020 XBIZ Europa Awards will be presented virtually for the first time on October 22 at 8pmCET on XBIZ.tv. Industry voting is now open and continues until October 5 here.

A Public Service Announcement on COVID19 from Dr. P

PSS Sponsors Pineapple Support

The tagline of our series, PascalsSubSluts, is ‘Real subs. Real sex. Real orgasms’. On a good day, and we have a few, the women we work with depart our company with big, exhausted grins on their faces. There’s nothing like having a great shag, fucking just the way you like it, and they’re pretty much as happy as you can get.

I can’t speak for any of these brilliant, brazen, beautiful women beyond the time we spent together on set. But we’ve shot over 250 scenes now for PSS and it’s only a matter of averages that, for some, the high of having a great time will all too soon have been replaced by something altogether darker. No-one deserves to suffer the kind of helpless agony that tips someone to try to take her own life. Nobody deserves to feel that alone.

Pineapple Support have given us the opportunity to extend the basic duty of care and respect that we try to show towards each and every performer we work with. Pineapple Support provides free emotional support 24/7 to people within the adult entertainment industry. They can reach out anonymously, anytime, to talk though whatever they may need to.

Pineapple has compiled a referral network of sex-positive therapists, which have been vetted by fellow sex workers for their experience within our line of work. Sex workers in need of these services can access them for free. They also have access to an online peer support group that offers courses to help people to work through sexual trauma, grief and loss, and other difficult issues that we as sex workers are all too familiar with.

It’s important and correct for us to support Pineapple in their superb work. It’s nice for girls to have a spring in their step after they’ve worked with us, but nicer still to think that we might be able to help the more vulnerable amongst them just a little bit more after a shoot wraps.

We encourage your support as well. Every cent of your donation will be spent ensuring that no adult performer ever feels as though they have nowhere to turn. It will help us guarantee that there will always be someone available to talk to, no matter the time of day. It will help pay for professional therapy for those performers who need it but cannot afford it. It will help us save lives.

You can also volunteer as an active listener. People with crisis and prevention experience are highly encouraged to apply. Information on how to apply or donate can be found at https://pineapplesupport.org.

Fresh Meat in Our DVD Store

We’ve just updated out DVD section to include all our latest releases. New titles include:

These DVDs star the very best of our most recent SubSluts: Lady Bug, Victoria Pure, Louise Lee, Cat Collar, Elizabeth Romanova, and so many more… all doing what they do best: being the submissive little fuck dolls they are and driving us mad with lust.

XBIZ nominates us for Fetish Site of the Year

PascalsSubSluts is going strong! We’re proud to announce that with another major awards show comes another nomination for us! This time it’s the XBIZ 2020s, for Fetish Site of the Year! We’ve got a bit of a streak going where we’ve won major awards for four consecutive years and counting, from XBIZ, SHAFTAs and UKAPs.

However, we’ve yet to win an award in the United States, and you can help us make it happen. Voting is open to the public right now, and your vote can help us win our very first American award. Click the XBIZ banner below and VOTE PSS!!!

PascalsSubSluts WINS the XBIZ Europas, again

Big Girls Don't Cry 3 box cover And the award for Fetish Movie of the Year is… PASCALSSUBSLUTS!!! Forgive us for sounding a bit puffed-up, but we’ve won yet another award, at the 2018 XBIZ Europas.

This time, it was for “Big Girls Don’t Cry 3”. Big Girls 3 was a genuinely 5-star feature, all the scenes were as good as they could be, so it’s gratifying to win.

Front and centre to winning this award are the girls who starred in it. Estella, Kitty, Curvy Gal and Lily – you were fantastic. Your scenes blew the roof off. You were really turned on, you wanted to be filthy and just get fucked and used.

Stars like you are what makes the reality porn of PascalsSubsluts really fly. Thank you and respect!

We’re going to need a bigger trophy case.

Here’s some pics from the event. Some are a bit blurry, but you can thank the open bar for that!

PascalsSubSluts Nominated for 3 XBIZ Europas

Nary 24 hours after we post about our Paul Raymond nominations, we get the list of the XBIZ Europa nominations and lo and behold there we are again, times three. Naturally, P gets another nod for Male Performer of the Year. We’re also shortlisted for Specialty Site of the Year, and for Best Gonzo Sex Scene. As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked. Once more we encourage our wonderful fans and supporters to go and vote PSS, support us and the SubSluts here: https://europaawards.xbiz.com/voting/index.php

It should be noted that we’ve been hard at work this year, cranking out quality pornography. Pascal got himself rather fit in the process. A bit of recognition for it all is much appreciated.

Early in the year we had an unfortunate moratorium placed on European performers, right as we were embarking to Las Vegas for our second romp in the States. We nearly called the trip off, but the models, tickets, and accommodations were already booked, and the show must go on. Thanks to the last-minute help from some fine American stuntcocks, we soldiered on and made some of our best work yet. It was one of those shoots, with penetrating performances by London River and Tommy Pistol, alongside Pascal, that earned us the nomination for Best Gonzo Scene.

All said, it’s always good to see hard work pay off. We’re doing what we love, and though we’re not in it for the awards, we’ll take’em — especially awards like these, which are voted on by people who appreciate our efforts. So again, if you could take a few minutes and vote your support, we are most thankful of your time.

PascalsSubSluts Nominated for 2019 Paul Raymond Awards

The nominations for the Paul Raymond Awards 2019 are out and PascalsSubSluts is in the running! Our latest DVD, Virgin Prey 2, is on the ballot for Adult Video Production of the Year. And like any reputable awards show should, they’ve nominated Pascal for Male Performer of the Year. We graciously accept these nominations and encourage everyone to go and vote for us here: https://www.paulraymond.xxx/awards/

(It’s also a great opportunity to support your favourite SubSluts, who are also well-represented throughout the ballot!)


We’re always honoured whenever a woman chooses us for her very first porn shoot. It takes a special kind of girl to jump right on the stick with PSS, especially considering not every pornstar has what it takes to become a SubSlut. And we like to commemorate these debuts in our DVD series “Virgin Prey.” Our latest release, part two in the series, once again carried some remarkable first-time performances by some very courageous and adventurous women: Elizabeth Romanova, Belle O’Hara, Cat Collar and Mesmer Rose.

We couldn’t have earned the nomination without them, so congratulations girls on a job well done!



What else can we say about our very own Pascal White? The image PRP used for his nomination really says it all…

“Hey kids, stay in school, practice safe sex and forfucksake, tell your mum to quit calling us!”
Pascal White, PRP 2019 nomonee for best male performer