US models wanted: Vegas trip, early Feb

Vegas pic

Are you an American lady-fan of PascalsSubSluts? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pillaged and plundered by the good doctor’s barbarian banana penis? And then found the reaction to your reverie to be one of having to sit down for a minute to catch your breath and pat your damp brow down with a tissue?

Well, if you live either in or somewhere reasonably close to Las Vegas then your dreams could come true because we’re coming over to Nevada in Jan/Feb 2018. We’ll be at the AVN expo (with our own stand no less) and then once that’s done we’re going to be hanging around to shoot smut with the natives. We’ve got five slots to fill from Monday 1st to Wednesday 7th February inclusive.

Tickle your fancy? Then please do get in touch, madam. Drop us a line at with a word or two about what you’re into and a couple of pics. The only requirements we need are that you’re over 18 (anything over 18, really) and that you’re properly committed to turning those incredibly naughty thoughts of yours into reality.

We look forward to hearing from you.

AVN & XBiz Awards 2018: PSS noms

Worthless front cover 2 Destroy Me 4 front cover

We’re going up in the world, boys and girls. PascalsSubSluts has been nominated in six categories in the AVN and XBiz Awards, both of which take place in the States in January. After our two wins at the recent UKAP Awards in London (Best Niche Website and Best-Selling DVD for SubSlut Grannies) we’re well chuffed.

The AVN noms are for:

• Best BDSM Movie (Worthless)

• Best Foreign Series (Destroy Me)

• Best Male Performer of the Year (Dr P)

And we’re up for the following at the XBiz Awards:

• Foreign Studio of the Year (PascalsSubSluts)

• Foreign Non-Feature Release of the Year (Destroy Me 4)

• Businesswoman of the Year (Laurel Hertz)

I’d like to give a big whoop for the last entry on that list. Laurel runs RR Processing with her husband Raja Roy-Choudhury over in California and if we hadn’t teamed up with these guys three years ago then there’s no way we would have been able to build PSS up into the successful series it is today, let alone get recognised by the industry in the way we have done with these nominations. And bows too to the other guys in the office. You’re all great.

But the nom’s for Laurel and it’s thoroughly deserved. It’s all well and good making a strong product (which is what we hope PSS is) but if you haven’t got someone onboard who knows how to push the marketing side of things then there’s not much point having a product at all. Thank you, Laurel.

I’m particularly proud of the XBiz nom for Foreign Studio of the Year. In fact I think it’s pretty crazy. Here’s who we’re up against:

• 21 Sextury

• abbywinters

• Harmony Films

• Immoral Productions

• Marc Dorcel

• Nacho Vidal Productions

• Private Media

• Rocco Siffredi Productions

• Viv Thomas

Li’l old us, up against all those Goliaths. And all out of a shabby little flat in Southend-on-Sea. Go figure.


PascalsSubSluts is Awarded at UKAP 2017


PascalSubSluts cleaned up at the UKAP awards the other night, taking home awards for Best Niche/Fetish Site and Best Selling DVD (SubSlut Grannies). We were selected by the prestigious United Kingdom Adult Performers organization–big thanks to them–but we couldn’t have done it without our amazing group of affiliates out there in the trenches promoting! We also want to thank the many sexy models out there that have joined out growing roster of SubSluts.

UKAPs are special because nominations come from our peers in the industry. They know best all the hard work that goes into our productions, so it is truly an honor to be recognized. That said, we could not possibly operate at the level for which we were recognized without the support of our fans. PascalsSubSluts is ever so grateful for our members, they make it possible for us to do what we all love: Real sex. Real subs. Real orgasms!


UKAP-best_niche UKAP-best_selling
Pascal-Ella-Tara subslut_grannies

New DVD! Big Girls Don’t Cry 2: Get A Grip

Big Girls 2

Just OK’d the box art for our latest release Big Girls Don’t Cry 2: Get A Grip. Loving the pink and that pic of Estella on the front, looking so yummy. It’ll be coming out in the States next month (June). If you live in the UK or Europe then your best bet is to pop across to Your Choice, who stock all our titles, and get it from there. If you want to stream it, or watch any of the scenes individually, then just head for Adult DVD Empire.

Shot Amber Deen


Amber Deen lives in Aberdeen, is indeed Scottish, and has got a thing about young cock. She totally loves it, young chaps in general, fucking them, going out with them, etc. It’s a lot to do with mothering them and being in charge, in the nicest possible way. Perfect milf material really and a refreshing change from all those girls dreaming of Daddy, not that that actually ever bores us.


But certainly Mummy stripping down and pushing her bottom into our awe-struck faces, as she’s doing here, is certainly something we could get used to and would entertain repeat performances of.


Our day with Ms Deen was lots of fun. Knockout sex and a great laugh. Kind of sums up PSS at the moment. The daffs are in bloom and the sun’s starting to shine, we’re a couple of perverts making our livings from some seriously reprehensible behaviour, and life couldn’t be sweeter really. Hurrah!


Shot Chanel Santos


Scrumptious, eh? I don’t know, everyone’s different, but this bitch, Chanel Santos, she seriously did it for me. I’m not normally into the young ’uns (she’s 23) but my head might be turning. I mean what kind of girl turns up to some old pervo’s crummy flat with a selection of seriously hot gear she’s especially purchased for the occasion, dresses herself up to die for (camel toe included), delights the good doctor Pascal with the anticipatory wetness of her vagina the moment he introduces his fingers to it, and maintains said sloshiness right through to the end of the shoot? Answer: the kind of girl who loves older guys. Mmm, Chanel Santos is a girl to get very dirty with indeed.


Bitch’s BJ skills were top-notch — all the way down, lots of slobber, didn’t need telling. Fucked like a bunny. Looked fucking divine getting used and abused and loved every second of it.


And these pictures really do tell a story. Look at the full-length one with her clothed. Nerves. Look at the last one. Horny. Wet. Trusting us more. She’s got some 52-year-old fat fuck taking piccies of her while a 44-year-old degenerate’s poking his cock into her arse. And she’s loving it all so much she’s just grabbed it. That’s a 21-year age gap, at least. Enjoy, guys. We certainly did.


Shot Phoenix Madina


Phoenix Madina. One word. Explosive. This girl blew it out of the park. She just came and came and came and came and came.


Really new to the whole SubSlut stuff, totally game, really wanted to be hung from the hook and beaten and then when she was she found out she was a total pain slut. The look in her eyes was priceless — fear, self-realisation, excitement, yearning. One of the horniest things I’ve ever shot. Basically I do this job because I’m a voyeur, and a voyeur wants to see private moments, and you can’t get better than a hot woman being spanked really hard for the first time in her life and realising that she seriously loves it.


And it wasn’t just that. It was the whole getting-treated-like-shit stuff for the first time and loving that too. This one’s a keeper, guys, and we’ve already got Phoenix booked to come back in May when the good doctor’s going to fuck her arse as well as her cunt. Can’t wait.

Shot SexyCleo


Two things about SexyCleo, who came down to us from Leeds at the weekend – first, she’d been wanking every day about doing the shoot from the moment it was agreed; second, she was terrified when she turned up at the flat. This is always a good mix, ladies and gents, but one that we don’t often get dialled up to such a high level of amplification.


Cleo’s no innocent – she’s been an active member of FetLife for a few years – but she’d only shot one small-scale porn shoot before and the notoriety of PSS was getting to her. It created an erotic tension that didn’t really let up until the end of the day, the kind of tension of wanting and needing and getting it totally hardcore but then feeling that maybe things were tipping over the edge and needing to regain a bit of control and asking for things to pause. It happened a few times and we didn’t mind a bit because Cleo was so clearly having the most amazing time and she’d happily be right back in the thick of it the moment she gave the nod.


So stay tuned, guys. SexyCleo came six times in quick succession when she was riding P, her orgasms are beyond erotic, and she cries when she’s having incredible sex. SexyCleo is a goddess!

Shot Rebecca Smyth


This is Rebecca Smyth. She’s the only porn slut I know who uses her real name for her stage name. She’s also the only porn slut I know who looks this ridiculously good at – whisper it – 43. Pascal trashed all three of her holes last week in South London. She came non-stop from start to finish. Happily I was there to record it.


Rebecca used to work in porn and then stopped for 12 years and then decided to get back into it a few week’s ago. We were the first to welcome her back. We’ve got history with her. She shot her first scene with P way back when, and I shot her for the first series of Bitch In A Box I did for Television X, likewise with P, which ended up being the genesis of PSS.


Why the comeback? “Because I love getting my cunt out for the camera,” laughs Rebecca. “I’ve missed it so much. It just gets me so wet.” And indeed it does, as we’ll be proving in the next couple of days when her updates start going up (a little tardily, for which apologies).

Shot Classy Filth

CF 1

Classy Filth was the last girl we shot on our trip to the Peak District. She was one of the gals who came to our rescue (along with Laura Lou) after we’d had a couple of blowouts.

CF 2

It was easier for us to shoot her on our way home, at her place in Nottingham, so we waved our bye-byes to Whaley Bridge and scootled down the M1 to, well, completely pillage and plunder the 30-something-cock-whore-with-kids basically.

CF 3

CF decided to get into escorting a couple of years ago because she wasn’t getting shagged enough. (And she needs to get shagged an awful lot, especially deep in her arsehole.) Now she wanted to be a PascalsSubSlut because she wasn’t getting shagged rough enough. There’s no pleasing them. Pascal managed it though.

(Don’t be put off by the squinty eye. She hasn’t had a stroke or anything. Poor girl suffered a bit of a spunk splat in it at the end of the scene, which we shot an hour before these pics. She’ll be ripe and ready and totally non-squinty for you next Sunday, when we’ll be putting her trailer up.)

CF 4CF 5